Summer vs Winter Colognes

Summer fragrances rely on citrus, fresh, or “marine” notes which is synthetic fragrances that evoke images of water while Winter colognes include heavier spices or woodsy smells.


Can I use Summer Colognes in Winter?

Don’t be afraid, however, to go against the grain. “Summer is great for lighter citrus fragrances, but I think it should really be more of a personal choice than defining a scent by season,” says Raymond Matts, a fragrance designer in New York City who produces his own line of fragrances as well as creates scents for the industry. “But if it’s hot and humid, I would stay away from heavier, rich oriental scents — they will be too strong.”

If you don’t want to give up your favorite cologne with the change in seasons, consider a lighter version of it. Many manufacturers offer reformulated versions of their most popular colognes for summertime.

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